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«The magic of the color of gems» line made in 925 silver with natural gems, which are gem quality stones. It is inspired by the magic of the color of natural stones, it is a real tribute to them, its vibration and energy powers transmit it through its chromatic characteristics. Lapis lazuli represents the blue of the sky in a starry night, the fossilized resin amber of the pines, flashes the energy of the sun, the setting of each sunrise and sunset, the amethyst quartz, its color and intensity bishop violet in its best quality is pure transformation and alchemical transmutation, death and rebirth, the rubies, the red of the blood, the vital energy. Sapphires, the sublime, volatile, the quality of the air, the stellar, malachite, its green color connects us with nature, plants, sage, which is the nectar of trees. The emeralds are majestic, erotic, their green color has blue, seductive and sensual flashes, the opal, its pearly rainbow shine reflects all colors, the turquoise, sensitive, beautiful, and intuitive, has the subtlety of the water element. Garnets, the living energy of the earth, its color contains all its potential and instinctive force. All our jewels are set. Accompanied by a guarantee certificate, which certifies both the gems and the metals and the manufacture of our jewels

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