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A Jewel Beats With You at every moment of your Life, Your Second Skin.

Design your Jewel

From I lived Kemeny Jewels we specialize in the design and realization of jewelry, creating beauty, and making unique pieces, where our clients seek to acquire an exclusive jewel.

You will find everything you need to know about your jewel: The design such as the metals, gems, shape, structure and design that compose it. Everything made to measure!

We are pioneers in image consulting, providing our clients with the creative potential and experience that Viví has as a jewelry designer to advise each person, in a particular way, making an exclusive jewel.

It is your opportunity to realize what you always dreamed of, your unique, personalized jewel, especially for you.

At the same time, something that we are passionate about is the alchemy that occurs in jewelry redesigns, whether they are or were those of a loved one, reliving memories of love, which become symbols of eternity, being able to pass from generation to generation. generation. Or maybe just modernize them, and make use of what we have stored for so long.

For us, "A jewel beats with you at every moment of your life, your second skin"

We take care of and take care of you throughout the process of caring for and making the jewelry, our clients being the greatest added value we have.

We are experts in antique jewelery and gems, we carry out appraisals and advise if you need it.

And our greatest treasure is gems, we use them in each of our jewelry.


Process of making the set in 18 kt gold, ring rings and 18 kt gold choker with sapphires, garnets, rubies, emeralds, amber and golden imperial topaz. 

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