Natural stones are the result of mineralogical processes developed in the womb of Mother Earth. They have all their vibration and energy so when using them we nourish ourselves with their properties.

Natural stones that have the right natural conditions to make jewelry are called gems. For this reason, “gem quality” is a classification that is made in natural stones given by their origin, place of origin, which defines the best quality in terms of their purity and color.

Purity is what in gemological terms, we classify as inclusions, any mineral that grows naturally in the gem. There are liquid inclusions, made up of water and solid, of small crystals of minerals that grow naturally within them.

When we analyze a stone to know if it is natural, the important thing is to look for these inclusions within them, since if they do not have them it is very possible that it is a plastic, glass or synthetic resin.

 Pearls are organic gems, their protrusions are small natural deformations that make up their roughness and texture.

In order to know if a pearl is natural or cultured, we must take an X-ray, where a darker central area called the nucleus is seen.

In natural pearls, the mollusk generates a pearly substance when naturally in the sea a foreign organism is introduced into it. This nacre envelops that sandstone or parasite, generating a circular center around it in the form of a cyst, causing the nucleus.

It takes a year to orbit each of these circles, adding a circular layer per year to the previous one, as an example a 7mm pearl, they are equivalent to 7 years in their formation.

The so-called cultured pearls are introduced into the mollusk spheres of mother-of-pearl, around which concentric layers of mother-of-pearl are deposited. They are placed in small cells, which are introduced into the sea.

As in natural stones in natural and cultured pearls, we look for that irregularity that characterizes them, they are signs of the work carried out by nature in its creation.

Gems are the magical ingredient found in every jewel. They have a life of their own, they give us energy, vibration and color.

For this reason, jewelry is a feeling, an emotion, a desire, it is our second skin.

Beautify our body and nourish our soul.

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